Friday, October 2, 2009

Author Darlene Sabella

Darlene Sabella started writing this book in 1993, when she left Newport Beach California and moved 10,000 feet up in the Colorado Rockies, She left a job as the catering manager at Disneyland Hotel to manage a Casino up in the mountains. She lived there for 11 years, and ran the Brass Ass casino. During this time she went on vacation to Sedona Arizona where while she was sitting up on this mountain top and heard something or someone,(GOD)say write this book. Darlene had never intended to write. She couldn't spell, (Says she still can’t and I can vouch for that) but she went back to work in Cripple Creek and she starting scribbling on a notepad what she heard the voice telling her. She had no idea what she was going to write next. The words just came to her as she wrote. She allowed a friend of hers to look at what she had written and she suggested that Darlene put the notes onto her computer. By this time she had stacks of notes piled high. Darlene started working with the notes on her computer and the notes started coming alive, every time Darlene went on a holiday trip to Grand Lakes Colorado she gained new insight that she was only able to do when she was at Grand Lakes and it was only open two months out of the year. Darlene says that Grand Lakes is the most awesome place she had ever seen. Whenever she was there, she walked this trail and added what she saw to the notes in her notebook. To some extent, what she wrote in the book described a real place. For her it was a real adventure of discovery. Once the book was finished, she had no idea what she was going to do with this book so it just became a project to add to it over the years, but Darlene felt that God wanted his voice to be heard. She published the book with Mother House Publishing, a Catholic Publishing House. Originally the book strictly reflected the Native American culture but because the book was to be published by a Christian publishing house, Christian elements were added to Flying Dreams. Mother House Publishing published Flying Dreams last year.

Flying Dreams

Flying Dreams is a delightful children’s tale that begins with a little boy’s dream. Jerry dreams that he is flying over a beautiful place when he hears a call for help. He tells his two sisters Sophia and Sam about his dream and the three of them begin an adventure where they with the help of animal friends go to rescue Sirius from the villainous Vlad and his army of Tree Killers.